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Transform Your Team's Potential: Embrace the Evolutionary Agilist™ Approach!

Become an Evolutionary Agilist™

An Evolutionary Agilist™ is not tied to an agile framework and does not have to be in an official agile environment.

By becoming an Evolutionary Agilist™, you're investing in your ability to foster strong teams at any organizational level. This program equips you with the skills to lead without authority, enhancing your influence and guidance capabilities, regardless of your official title.

The program consists of six components, using Five Behaviors™ and Everything DiSC™ as a backdrop to help you gain better insight into your work and improve your connections with others. 

With each component, there is group and individualized coaching to enhance your skills and grow.


Personal Development

Uncover your innate strengths and talents as you explore the Five Behaviors™. You’ll better understand what makes you exceptional, from communication styles to decision-making approaches.


A transformative learning experience designed to empower individuals at every level of your organization. Everything DiSC™ Workplace is your ticket to building stronger, more productive relationships.

Agile EQ

Have the power of emotional intelligence in your hands. Everything DiSC™ Agile EQ™ is your personalized guide to reading any situation’s emotional and interpersonal cues, empowering you to respond with agility and effectiveness.

Productive Conflict

This revolutionary learning experience will transform how you approach workplace conflict. Everything DiSC™ Productive Conflict equips you with the tools and insights to navigate conflict situations effectively, turning potential disruptions into opportunities for growth and collaboration.


Unleash your full potential as a manager with this dynamic learning experience. Everything DiSC™ Management empowers participants to understand and adapt to the unique styles of the people they manage, resulting in more effective and impactful leadership.

Work for Leaders

A transformative leadership experience that will revolutionize the way you lead your team or organization. Everything DiSC™ Work of Leaders approaches leadership as a dynamic one-to-many relationship, providing you with tangible steps to lead your group or organization toward desired outcomes with confidence and clarity.

Development Lead

Luigi Tomasone

Jeremy's focus on behaviors and communication within any framework is amazing.

His ability to take individual assessment behavior results and tie them in with any framework to improve team collaboration and productivity is what is missing in any agile training.

Scrum Master

Marlies Preethi

If you are part of a team, scrum master or agile coach, you need to take this program.

They focus on the behaviours that help get a true team setting and get results

Online Packs

Pricing Packages

If you're enrolling via a corporate account, reach out directly for details on billing and fees.
850.00 (taxes not included)

Unlock your full potential with the Evolutionary Agilist™ Personal Improvement Package! This all-in-one solution includes a suite of assessments and a one-hour coaching call, designed to elevate your personal and professional growth. Whether you're an emerging leader, a seasoned manager, or an agile practitioner, this package offers the tools you need to thrive.

Personal Improvement Package by Evolutionary Agilist™

Five Behaviors™ Personal Development
Everything DiSC™ Workplace
Everything DiSC™ Agile EQ
Everything DiSC™ Productive Conflict
Everything DiSC™ Management
Everything DiSC™ Work of Leaders
1-hr coaching call
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Team Packages

Virtual or On-site
One Week boot camp or stretched out
Coaching for individuals
Everything DiSC™ assessments listed
Five Behaviors™ Team profiles powered by everything DiSC™
Comparison Reports between individuals

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